I’ve skied for some 30+ years, I’ve been through many phases inc “find the biggest resort” and ski every run part of my ski development, then I started skiing more and more offpiste and trying to track down smaller less well known resorts.

About 5 years ago I felt as if I wasn’t really getting anywhere with my skiing, I wasn’t enjoying piste skiing and was wondering what to do next. I lost a ski off piste over the back and was up to my waist digging for hours, so I starting thinking about where this was all leading…

Then a chat with rob@rar at the snowheads stand at the London ski show led me to investigate the BASI route.

This was what I was looking for, a way to technically improve my sking and challenge myself. I now own piste skis and really enjoy skiing on piste again and it’s improved my off piste no end.

I’ve put together a short video charting my improvements since 2011, mainly as I wanted to see what I could spot.

First video is short turns, which is a key part of the BASI program. I’ll try and add in a few others time permitting!

Thanks to Rob for the tip off, and Scott for the training this November in Tignes, as well as Derek on the BASI Tune Up in January.

Long Radius Turns

20th May 2014 – info on distance, speed, elevation etc

for interest comparing a days recreational skiing with a days training…

First up a days skiing with my kids and other adults the week before my L2, this was quite a long day for the kids, from Stuben to Rendl and back. The Garmin only records time skiing, not waiting around, on lifts etc This was skiing mostly reds and blacks at a reasonable pace. Also includes me watching the kids for 2 runs thru the fun park, no way was I risking jumps before my L2!!

24.9mi Distance 2:10:25 Moving Time 15,164ft elevation
Avg Max
Speed 11.4mi/h 42.1mi/h
Elapsed Time 6:26:48


This is a typical BASI L2 day doing a mixture of shorts and longs (mostly on the same slope). I think this may include a download on the Prodain cable car from looking at the track…

43.4mi Distance 4:09:50 Moving Time 23,658ft elevation
Avg Max
Speed 10.4mi/h 37.4mi/h
Elapsed Time 6:58:17