There are a fair few areas within the UK that have lifts and run when they have snow and volunteers!

The ones I know about are below, with the info taken from their webpages.

Yad Moss

Being England, the snow at Yad Moss is unpredictable and the amount of skiing we get varies every year. We have to react quickly to favourable weather and cannot normally guarantee skiable snow more than a couple of days in advance. In good seasons we can get over 40 days skiing and enjoy some truly superb conditions. Depending on the snow pattern our first runs can be as early as November and our last, as late as mid April

The erratic snowfall and rough moorland terrain make our ski runs rather different to ‘alpine pistes’. Instead we ski on drifted snow between fences and follow shallow gullies where the grass has been cut shorter. Snowsports are often only possible at Yad Moss because the soft surface and almost complete absence of rocks, permit skiing on very thin snow cover. We nevertheless have a modern piste grooming machine to make the most of the snow that does fall. Please see our gallery

All the skiing at Yad Moss is accessible from a single fast ski tow which is reached after a 10 minute uphill walk from the roadside car parking. Our auto-stacking Poma is 600m in length and climbs 125m in height. It moves up to 600 skiers and boarders per hour and provides access to runs of up to 800m.

Weardale Ski Club

We are situated 30 miles west of Durham and offer the longest lift served ski run in England. 2 permanent Doppelmayr button tows transport skiers 787m F1
Length: 423m
Vertical Rise: 95m
Carrier Capacity: 424 per hr
Trip Time: 2.42 mins

Length: 364m
Vertical Rise: 78m
Carrier Capacity: 424 per hr
Trip Time: 2.20 mins to the summit at 2150 feet (650m) where you are greeted by a vast North facing bowl offering unlimited off-piste terrain, with 6 or 7 regular routes and up to 34 routes that include several natural snow parks.

Snow can come anytime between November and April. We aim to open at the weekend and Wednesday, but if the snow cover is good, we open on other days too when we have volunteers available.


Based on the edge of the Northumbrian village of Allenheads, we offer excellent skiing and boarding whenever there is snow.

The ski area has a good slope with two rope tows to get you to the top.

We are a volunteer-run, local club. To ski with us you need to join and pay an annual membership fee. Once you are a member you can come along whenever you like.

Lake District Ski Club

Founded in 1936, the Lake District Ski Club operates a 360-metre button tow on Raise, next to Helvellyn in the Lake District National Park. An hour’s walk from the mines at Glenridding, Raise is positioned for the best snow in the Lakes and the tow gives access to a substantial part of the mountain.

There are up to nine runs available, depending on prevailing conditions, the longest of which is almost a mile. Raise’s ungroomed slopes provide for a unique experience, with a total of sixty days of skiing enjoyed during particularly good seasons. While it is an austere environment, we have a very cosy heated members’ hut

Another World

Sadly no longer skiing, latest update was:

After much talk and thought over the last few years we have made the extremely tough decision to close the skiing side of our business.