Another tick in the box for the Apple Watch 5 after moving away from a Garmin 945 as it performed very well whilst skiing over the past 2 days. Battery usage for 6 hours skiing was only 40%, using the Ski Tracks app.

Everything worked fine, it updated Apple Health (and the all important activity rings) and using Healthfit I was able to sync to Strava where segments etc showed up fine.

The company says the app has these feature:

  • Live Run Information including Last Run.
  • Altimeter
  • Maximum and Average Ski Speeds.
  • Vertical
  • Calories
  • Cross Country Ski Mode.
  • Snow Shoe Mode.
  • Markers
  • Summary with Activity Rings.

When you stop the app it syncs to your iPhone, where you can see more detailed info, as the screenshot below shows.