One of the keys to being successful and fair in Zwift racing is making sure your weight is current and correct. I just discovered that you can automatically sync your smart scales to Zwift.

This is fairly simply done via the Zwift Mobile Link app. (These instructions are based on the app for iOS.) Once open, tap more in the bottom right hand corner, then tap settings and finally connections.

Depending on whether your scales are Withings (now Nokia) or Fitbit, tap the appropriate +

I set up my Withings scales. I had to sign into my Withings account and authorise Zwift to access its data:


Once done the source now has a grey check next to it on the list of connections:

Now every time you weigh yourself, it automatically updates your weight in Zwift. I weigh myself in kilograms and it rounds up or down, so the first time I weighed myself at 75.8kg, Zwift had my weight at 76KG. Later after some tough workouts I weighed myself at 75.4kg and that was shown as 75kg in Zwift.

So whilst not perfect, it’s one less thing to worry about if you are gaining or losing weight.

Ride on!