Linking your Smart Scales to Zwift

One of the keys to being successful and fair in Zwift racing is making sure your weight is current and correct. I just discovered that you can automatically sync your smart scales to Zwift. This is fairly simply done via the Zwift Mobile Link app. (These instructions are based on […]

Manually editing Zwift workouts

Whilst the Zwift workout editor is pretty good, it doesn’t have the option to repeat intervals and hence can be a lengthy process for multiple repeat training. Let’s say you want to do two intervals, each of 10 x 30secs on, 30 secs off. This is pretty slow to set […]

Strava estimated power vs real

I’ve always wondered if the Strava estimated power was close to real power. So on a couple of specific segments I’ve run my phone using Strava and my Garmin using a power meter so that I can compare. You can see from the screenshots below the differences. In summary for […]