Since moving from a Garmin 945 to an Apple Watch 5, I’ve been using WorkOutdoors as my goto GPS app. The more I use and learn about it the more impressed I am! I noted a few tips within this macrumors forum thread, so wanted to note them down for my own reference! Hopefully others may find the tips useful.

Race Mode with target pace on Apple Watch

You can start a workout with a fixed distance by tapping the circle with “…” in it and then tapping “Fixed Length” and then “Set Distance”. This will then mean that various metrics will use that distance, such as “Estimated Time”, “Time Remaining” and “Finish Time”.

You can also set a target pace/speed by going to the Pace settings on the watch and tapping “Target Pace”. This controls the metrics “Time vs Target” and “Distance vs Target”, which show how far ahead and behind target pace you are. These metrics are shown with a green background if you are ahead of pace and a red background if you are behind pace. These colours are configurable.

You can also control whether a yellow dot is shown on the map to represent someone moving at that target pace. By default this is only shown for a screen which is configured to use the Target profile, but you can make it always shown or never shown.

Setting off route alerts

If you are navigating with WOD you can set alerts if you go off route. Within the watch app, long press on the screen and choose settings, then alerts. Then choose the activity you want off route alerts for, ie running.

Scroll down until the “Other Alerts” block, where you see Off Route. Tap that , tap the slide called Alerts Enabled, then I dropped the tolerance to 30m and turned on voice alerts.