Information about my solar system

Backing up my Solar Pogoplug

I’ve been running 123solar on my Pogoplug for almost a year now, and started to get concerned about loosing the historical data. So I started to look around at options for an automated backup. I simply followed the instructions here After doing so, I had some java issues, with […]

Real Time Solar stats

With the aid of a cheap Pogoplug and some excellent scripts already written I’ve got real time stats from my invertor showing Solar power in Leeds.

May Solar data

The PVI Desktop continues to play up, loosing data for the odd day here and there. I am looking into getting something like a Raspberry Pi and hooking it up to the invertor for better stats collection. Has anyone hooked their Aurora up to a Linux box at all? I […]

Solar news for February

I’ve got some basic reporting back up and running for January and February and also investigating using a Linux Plug computer for real time reporting. The good news is I received my FITS payment for £204.96 promptly via direct debit.