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The graph that is displayed shows precipitation and the 850mb temperature forecast including the current GFS forecast runs (each run is the same forecast but with tweaked input data) and an average of all those runs. The average historical data (from 1971-2000) is shown by the red line, the current forecast by the green line, and the average of the last dozen runs by the grey line. The thick blue line is the current forecast, but run on older 'lower resolution' software.Each other line is the same forecast with the tweaked data.

850mb roughly corresponds to an altitude between 1400-1600m for the alps most of the time.

When all the different forecasts are in close alignment you can infer that there is some certainty in the GFS forecast data, but if the lines are all over the place it is difficult to say with any confidence what the weather will do.

  • 00z starts coming out at 0330z
  • 06z starts coming out at 0930z
  • 12z starts coming out at 1530z
  • 18z starts coming out at 2130z

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