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Subaru Information Pages

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What's New

v1.3 27th July 2000

  1. Created Oil section

  2. Updated Bike Rack area

  3. New link to Speed table rpm/gear calculator

  4. Created large Brakes section

  5. Renamed Short Engine section to Piston Slap

  6. Created Quickshift section

  7. New Roadnoise section

  8. Created Stonechips area

  9. Updated Insurance pages

  10. New Noisy mirror section

  11. New Air Con section

v 1.2 6th May 2000

  1. Created section on Alarm Bracket

  2. New section on Stereo Power

  3. Updated Rattles section

  4. More info added to Bike Rack area

  5. Created Tar Spots section

  6. New Headlights levelling section

  7. Started Links section

  8. Created Short Engine section

  9. Added Side Protection section

  10. Updated Bulbs section

v1.1 7th March 2000 - minor changes

v1 18th February 2000 - site launch

SIP stands for the Subaru Information Pages and is a collection of useful tips cleaned from various sources. The inspiration for this is my MGF FAQ pages which have now been running for many years. The SIP was created after my Subaru Impreza Turbo arrived as I found I had many questions and few answers.

Click here for a text version. Text files created using WEB2TEXT

Versions for the 3Com Palm Pilot are available, in a format for use with J-Doc or AportisDoc.Bookviewer for WinCE to read DOC files is available here . Click here for the SIP in PalmPilot doc format. These files converted using MakeDOC for Windows

The rather excellent Subaru Impreza Drivers Club FAQ can be seen here

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Subaru Pictures

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