Safari in Kenya - August 1997

Best viewed with at least 16 million colours

In August 1997 I had the holiday of a lifetime, on safari in Kenya.

We travelled with Thomson holidays, and went on their 'Best of Kenya' safari.

These pictures were taken with a Pentax Epsio 160, point and shoot.

These photographs are Copyright Greg Hilton 1995,1996,1997. Downloading for personal use is unrestricted. If you wish to include them in either an electronic or paper publication, please contact me for permission. Here's the itinerary


Elephant in Samburu Game Reserve

Hippos after a brave crocodile snapped at them

Family of Lions in Maasai Mari Game Reserve

Black Rhino in Maasai Mari Game Reserve

Cheetah (after lunch) in Samburu Game Reserve

Reticulated Giraffe and Zebra) in Samburu Game Reserve

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