What to do when your stuck in a skiing rut?

I’ve skied for some 30+ years, I’ve been through many phases inc “find the biggest resort” and ski every run part of my ski development, then I started skiing more and more offpiste and trying to track down smaller less well known resorts.

About 5 years ago I felt as if I wasn’t really getting anywhere with my skiing, I wasn’t enjoying piste skiing and was wondering what to do next. I lost a ski off piste over the back and was up to my waist digging for hours, so I starting thinking about where this was all leading…

Then a chat with rob@rar at the snowheads stand at the London ski show led me to investigate the BASI route.

This was what I was looking for, a way to technically improve my sking and challenge myself. I now own piste skis and really enjoy skiing on piste again and it’s improved my off piste no end.

I’ve put together a short video charting my improvements since 2011, mainly as I wanted to see what I could spot.

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